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Sets of pictures with a profile of guys who visit our site. Please send yours to members@hairyfaces.com together with your email and/or website address. If you send more than one picture (as these guys did) you will be given your own profile, so you may wish to send additional information on yourself at the same time. This is a none ageist site so one thing we don't want to know is your age, deciding whether you fancy a guy should be based on looks and mind, not how old he is!
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New members:

bulletSuggested additional information for your profile please supply as much or little as you wish (click for the list):
bulletName and/or Nickname
bulletLocation (be as specific or vague as you please)
bulletContact method (email address and/or website)
bulletFacial Hair (i.e. tache, goatee, beard [full, cropped, shaped], stubble)
bulletHair colour
bulletBody hair (i.e. none, shaved, light, chest covering, entire front, front and back)
bulletHair length (i.e. bald, shaved, cropped, military, long)
bulletAttire (i.e. casual, suits, military, leather, rubber)
bulletAttachments (single [not looking], single [looking], partnered [male/female])
bulletRole/s (i.e. top, bottom, versatile, slave)
bulletLooking for (i.e. no strings sex, friendship, group action, one to one)
bulletActivities (i.e. kissing, oral [give/receive], anal [give/receive], watersports, etc.)
bulletAny else you may wish to say

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